Disney's Zootopia - Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes in the world of Zootopia and see concept art from the film.

Zootopia's Fur Technology

Technology isn't all about bits and processors. It's the car with no driver, human organs printed in a lab and leisurely flights into space. It's the future and Engadget is here to tell you all about it.

[Making of Zootopia] Zoology: the roundtables - animation

'Zootopia' Character Animation - Animation Supervisor Kira Lehtomaki - Variety Artisans

Animated films are full of specialties that most viewers can’t see, and one of the most important is character animation, where the animators become the actors who bring characters to life. On Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 'Zootopia' the main character, Judy Hopps, was overseen by animation supervisor Kira Lehtomaki. Kira came to Variety to reveal just how much of her is in that plucky bunny.



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