Software Demo : emflock2's "Evolution" feature by Eric Mootz

A very cool and mesmerizing particle animation demo by the amazing Eric Mootz!!!
Two and a half minutes of flocking, flying and morphing particles using emFlock2's new "Evolution" feature.

The motivation to make this animation was to test the features of the new emFlock2 version 2.3. The animation has one camera and one simulated point cloud. The shapes into which the particles morph are point clouds that were created with the compounds "Quantize Volume", "Twist Position" and the new "Equal Distribution" which are all three contained in the latest emTools.

The simulation was done on a laptop (1 x Intel i5).
The rendering was done on a workstation (1 x Intel i7).
3D software: Softimage 2012.5
ICE plugins: emFlock2 and emTools
Renderer: Arnold
Music software: Reason 4.0


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