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Barbarian Barbarian
Nukey Hsieh character artist This is his old personal work "Barbarian" posted in
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Digital art Digital art
Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital media. While all art is at it's essence communication, the term Digital Artist covers a very wide range of people and is less a title than a description of how they achieve what they're doing. Examples are: Concept Artists, Matte Painters, Storyboard Artists, 3D Artists, and some of the fine art fields like Painting, and Illustration (though obviously their work would be entirely digital). There are so many types of the digital art, some of them are: The Graphic illustration –used in Books, web sites and Comics, advertising, brochures, logos and posters The 3D models – used in the Movies, the Animations, and the Video Games The Digital photo artwork used to make advertisements and the posters. The Digital painting, Matte painting, used in movies, posters, games. 3D printing... The Digital Art combines together the Art, Math, Science and Technology, The Digital art need the knowledge of art, computers, design and the innovative spirit.
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