Award Winning Short Film: "Wake-Up Call"

Enjoy this Award Winning CGI Animated Short - “Wake-Up Call”
There's a new craze sleeping the nation... Created by the talented Luke Angus! For more information, please see the details below.


The film centers around the discovery of a new technique that allows people to work productively while they sleep. We follow a young artist named Kip who stumbles across this technique and uses it to escape the tedium of his day job.

A new technique has been discovered that allows people to work while they sleep. What starts out as an effective means of escaping the tedium of daily routines soon gets out of hand and starts to put a population into autopilot.

The short film was created entirely by Luke Angus. From script, storyboarding, character design, concept art, set designs, modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, animation, rendering, editing and compositing, the entire process took around 11 months to produce the 7-minute short film. The only outsourcing was for the original score and sound design which was created by the award winning composer, Garry Ferrier.

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