GAFX 2018 Screenings at BENGALURU

Shelley’s Eye Candy

Shelley Page is independent animation talent consultant, working with leading animation studios including Netflix and Dreamworks Animation in the USA, Aardman (UK), HB Wink (China), Wizart (Russia) and 88 Pictures (India).
She sits on many international festival and graduation juries every year and, in the course of these events, she collects her personal favourites into a series of special screenings as ‘The Eye Candy Show’. This personal selection represents some of the brightest young talents emerging on the international animation scene as well as award-winning work from renowned independent studios around the world.Shelley’s selection is constantly evolving as she discovers wonderful new films during the year’s festivals and other events.


The Return Of The Jungle

Return of the jungle is the journey of a group of classmates from Grade IV. At school small challenges become huge problems for Mihir, Rohan, Sweety, Ali and friends. To their rescue comes their close buddy Thatha: the nutty old man who peps them up every time with his highly inspiring stories from the jungle!


The White Snake

In the backstage of a traditionnal Chinese opera, the staff and performers are bringing a play to life: The Legend of the White Snake.


Hedgehog’s Home

In a lush and lively forest lives a hedgehog. Though he’s respected by the other animals, his devotion to his home annoys a quartet of beasts who decide to confront him.


The Pocket Man

A little man lives a quiet life in an old suitcase on the sidewalk of a big city. One day he meets an old blind man. He jumps into the man’s pocket and uses music to help the blind man walk and see things in the street.


Mr. Night Has A Day Off

Why is the night changing the day? Because when you don’t like something, you change it.


The Little Bird And The Caterpillar

It’s summertime. High above in a maple tree, a little bird cherishes and nurtures the green leaves that make up his home. Suddenly, a hungry caterpillar sets out to eat the appetizing leaves.



An old man leads a mundane life waking people up for a living. One day, he receives a shiny little bell as payment and it transforms his humdrum routine.



At a Japanese shopping centre, before opening, a shopkeeper suddenly becomes paralysed. A young employee comes to her rescue and helps her cross the shopping centre.


La Table

A meticulous carpenter gets obsessed with the idea of creating an ideal object.


We’re Human, After All

During a harsh winter, the hare must face the freezing cold, hunger and the dangers of hunters and other animals. One day he finds out what a good, comfortable and safe life rabbits lead.


The Ogre

Greatly insecure about his size, a giant refrains himself from eating, terrified at the idea of revealing his gargantuan character which could compromise his place in society. During a business banquet, his true nature is put to the test.


The Blissful Accidental Death

A man finds a drawing in an antique shop with a secret love letter from 70 years ago on the back. He takes an unusual journey to meet the author who has lived through some important events during the past century


La Sieste

On a construction site in Shanghai in the ’80s, the workers wake up from their daily nap and get back to work.


Negative Space

My dad taught me how to pack.


Grandpa Walrus

On a windy and cloudy beach, granny is praying, mum is shouting, the sisters don’t care and Lucas is alone. Grandpa was a weird guy, and now he’s dead.


Wicked Girl

S. is an 8-year-old Turkish girl with a very vivid imagination. She loves nature and animals. From her hospital bed, she looks back on happy times spent in her grandparents’ village, but some dark and terrifying memories also emerge.


The Burden

A musical with apocalyptic undertones, divided into four episodes which take place in a supermarket, an extended-stay hotel, a call centre and a hamburger restaurant.


Wu Qi Dao

In a martial arts boarding school in northem China, a little girl fights to be a champion.



Weeds is a 2017 American all-CG animation short film, an animated short film which a group of Walt Disney Animation Studios artists did in their personal time. Written and directed by Kevin Hudson, Weeds uses Computer-generated imagery and 3D to tell a story about empathy and the struggle and distance someone may have to travel against all odds to find a better life.


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