Call For Entries | Mumbai Shorts International Film Fest-2017

6th MSIFF-2017

6th Mumbai Shorts Intl. Film Fest-2017
Shorts, Doc, Animation & Musical Videos

Submission deadline is 20 Nov 2017.
Festival Date: 10 Dec 2017, Mumbai, India

For entry visit-
Landline: +91 120-4129059 | Mobile: +91 9582320467

Mumbai- The city of celluloid dreams since past century- is the destination of thousands of budding & professional filmmakers in India & world. The city has nurtured many great filmmakers, technicians & entertained the millions worldwide through cinema. People also fondly called it as Bollywood. In the highly competitive age of cinema ‘Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival’ is the platform for short filmmakers to put their work forward among the league of professional.

MSIFF, a progressive cinema movement started in year 2012 with the consultation of senior industry members to highlight the short cinema. The inaugural year followed 2013, 14, 15 & 16 editions witnesses the great participation & enthusiasm from filmmakers & industry professionals from India & abroad. The festival objective is to contribute towards the development of upcoming filmmakers & to create short films culture in India.

The festival aims is to feature great cinema of worldwide filmmakers in a big way & at the same time providing professional networking & introducing current trends of cinema to the participants. The festival also strongly advocates the need of commercial short film industry in India & will raise the issues related to short films in front of various governing bodies of cinema.

6th MSIFF-17 will prove one more step towards achieving excellence & enhancing your skills in cinema & fore sure it will contribute immensely in your growth as filmmaker.

All the very best!

Rambhul Singh
Festival Director


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