Award Winning CGI 3D Animated Short Film: "Monsters In The Dark" - by Apollonia Thomaier | TheCGBros

Award Winning CGI 3D Animated Short Film: "Monsters In The Dark" - by Apollonia Thomaier | TheCGBros

TheCGBros Presents "Monsters In The Dark" by Apollonia Thomaier-Vick - Monsters In The Dark is a 3D/2D animated short film about a young boy haunted by his abused past. He fears the love of his new family and runs away into a dark forest where he meets a monster that will forever change his life.

A thesis short film by Masters of Fine Arts Student Apollonia Thomaier-Vick at the Academy of Art University. Monsters In The Dark brought together over 40 plus artist both students and industry artist. This film is dedicated to those who have suffered at the hands of others and are still trying to heal. To them we say, thank you for telling your story and facing your monsters in the dark. For more information, please see the details and links below:


Director, Writer, Producer: Apollonia Thomaier-Vick

Lighting,Compositing: Ali Yassin

Technical Animation Supervisor: Chonlawwat Thammawan

3D animation Lead, Editor: Leonardo Quert

Composer: Shauny Jang

2D Animation Lead: Marco Olivares Aguilar

Modeling Lead: Tai Gordon Gordon

Producer: Aizen Chiu

Visual Development Artist: Eleven Shih


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Official Instagram - @MonstersInTheDarkanimatedshort

Apollonia Thomaier-Vick Instagram: apolloniavick

Aizen Chiu - Instagram: aizen_chiu

Tina Huang - Instagram: tinahuang_90

Shauny Jang - Intagram: shauny.j

Kevin Stiles - Facebook:

Chonlawat Thammawan - Twitter: @mega_bubu

Eleven Shih - Instagram: elevenshih

Toshiki Nakamura - Instagram: artoftoshi

Leonardo Quert - Twitter: @LeonardoQuert

Nahyun Beak - Vemeo:

Nick Kondo - Twitter: @NickTyson

Gabriela Rojo - Facebook:

Nathelie Mai - Instagram: natonearth

Fu-Yuan Huang - Instagram: alexhuang0022

David Procassini: Facebook:

Brenna Johnson - Facebook:

Tai Gordon - Art Station:

Crystal Richardson - Instagram: crystalrichardsonart

Yi Ruei Chen - Facebook:

Mariah Owens:

Phoenix Sokolan - Twitter: @PhoArtist1014

Marco Olivares Aguilar - Instagram: marco.o.aguilar

Nick Hagan - Instagram: nickhn_art

Rae Huang - Instagram: raehanim

Jack Lien - Instagram: jackonthetree

Evan Pitkin - Instagram: evan_pitkin

Boris Fernandez - Instagram: borisfv_art

Ali Yassin - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chris Sabin - Facebook:

Nemo Nemiroff - Twitter: cptnemo

Saabir Prinkeney - Instagram: sbrpinkney

Jacob Keeler - Instagram: keeler.jacob

Zohan Lin - Instagram: ssaamm820727

Hsing-Yi "Cindy" Lee - Instagram: cindyleeart

Angel Chang - Instagram: angelchangart

Victoria Fulton - Instagram:

Sayah Gold - Instagram:

Chaithawat Pinsuwan - Instagram: pr34m


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