CGI 3D Animated Trailers: "Pirate Lesson" by SCAD | TheCGBros

CGI 3D Animated Trailers: "Pirate Lesson" by SCAD | TheCGBros

Check out this awesome trailer "Pirate Lesson" - Trailer for SCAD film, Pirate Lesson: A pirate father finds a battle as the perfect opportunity to give his son a driving lesson.

Follow Mr. Meatball the Third's tumultuous first driving lesson as he learns how to shift gears between parallel parking and avoiding cannon blasts. The fate of the bird crew lays in the slimy blue hands of a young possum pig boy. Pirate Lesson is a 3D animated short film with a 2D painterly style and effects. For more information, please see the details and links below:


Producer, Rigger, Lookdev: Dara Insixiengmay

3D Animator, Visdev, Texture Artist: Madelin Ahren

Lighting Lead, Modeler, Texture Artist: Hailey Akre

Lead Character Modeler, Texture Artist, Lighter: Jonathan Ip

3D Animator, Rigger, Compositor: Brandon Kolaczewski

3D Animator, 2D Effects Artist, Modeler: Hal Kujawski

Technical Director, Rigger, Lighter: PoHsuan Lin

Lead Environment Modeling, Texture Artist, Lighter: Risa Suzuki

3D Animator, Lead Character Modeler, Compositor: Tailah Williams

Pirate Lesson Crew:

Sofia Azpe, Dara Insixiengmay, Hailey Akre, Madelin Ahren, Brandon Kolaczewski, Hal Kujawski, Jonathan Ip, Pohsuan Lin, Tailah Williams, Risa Suzuki

Sound Supervisor/Foley Artist: Alex Wang, Eunseo "Bella" So (Foley Recordist, Foley Editor)

Music Composer: Tyler Grow

Sound Designer & Editor: Zoltan Monori

Voice Over Mixer: Brett Francois

Additional 3D Animators: Aja Weary, Adam Toutoungi, Alex Robertson, Heidi Husband, Rachel Clinton, Stanley Soendoro, Mason Matutina, Jia Ruan, Amanda Richardson, Baylee Buschman

Additional 2D Animators: Aly O’Neal, Ashley Ortega

Additional Lighter: David Gelfand

Voice Actor: Rhett Jones


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