CGI 3D Animated Short: "Phantoms " - by ElixirNinE Digital Creations | TheCGBros

CGI 3D Animated Short: "Phantoms " - by ElixirNinE Digital Creations | TheCGBros

TheCGBros Presents "Phantoms - Music by Von Kaiser" by ElixirNinE Digital Creations - A man awakes in a room. Knowing nothing except the writing on his arm and a photo of a woman. "I have to Believe" is on his arm. "She's still somewhere out there" is on the photo. The look of the woman is one of love. Knowing nothing else, he rushes off into the night. A haunted man. Unaware that his mind is shattered after the tragic loss of his loved one. The woman in the photo. HE is on a desperate journey. Trapped in a loop in his mind repeating the same day over and over again. When you go chasing Phantoms. Eventually. You become one. Death is all you will find. Which is exactly what his subconscious mind is trying to protect him by forgetting of the one he can not live without. This is a heart breaking tale of love lost and the separation from reality the mind sometime suffers from such a tragedy. IN this case. HE becomes his own worst enemy. Yet his amnesia is his only hope of coping and surviving another night without her. For more information, please see the details and links below:


ElixirNinE Digital Creations - All CGI animations, Directing, story, Modeling, Environment, Lighting, SFX, By Jason Chsichilly. Music By Von Kaiser (Band) David Mouatt


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