CGI & VFX Before & After: "BlackPhone" - by VFX Legion | TheCGBros

CGI & VFX Before & After: "BlackPhone" - by VFX Legion | TheCGBros

Check out this revealing Before & After "VFX Legion" from the talented team at VFX Legion

The End-to-End Visual Effects Company Creates the Effects for Director Scott Derrickson’s Newest Horror Film, Heightening the Thrills with VFX Firmly Grounding the Supernatural in the Real World.

Led by co-founders senior VFX supervisor James David Hattin and VFX producer Nate Smalley, Legion’s team designed and produced designed a wide range of shots that run the gamut – from complex sequences combining animated digital doubles with practical stunts, greenscreen, set extensions, CG environments, rebuilt camera transitions, crowd duplication, and a mix of dynamics - to removing rigging, and digitally deleting elements out of place with the authentic look of the era.

The LA and B.C.-based visual effects company contributed to every phase of the creative process - from pre-production and on-set supervision, through post-production. Brought on board early, Legion visualized digital options and worked closely with the director, helping develop the tone of the film before shooting began.


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Title: ‘The Black Phone’

Genre: Horror-Thriller Film

Theatrical Release: June 24, 2022

Production Companies:

Blumhouse Productions

Crooked Highway

Universal Pictures

Produced by:

Jason Blum: producer

C. Robert Cargill: producer

Scott Derrickson: producer

Joe Hill: Executive producer

Jennifer Scudder Trent: co-producer

Ryan Turek: executive producer

Christopher H. Warner: executive producer

Scott Derrickson: Director

Scott Derrickson: screenplay

C. Robert Cargill: screenplay

Joe Hill: based on the short story by

Brett Jutkiewicz: cinematographer

Frédéric Thoraval: editor

Brett Jutkiewicz: Cinematographer

Visual Effects by VFX Legion LA/BC

James David Hattin: senior visual effects supervisor/creative director: VFX Legion

Nate Smalley: visual effects producer: VFX Legion

Dylan Yastremski: visual effects project manager: VFX Legion

Reid Burns: visual effects executive producer: VFX Legion

Rommel S. Calderon: cg supervisor: VFX Legion

Antonio Gallardo: effects producer: VFX Legion

Kent Johnson: on-set visual effects supervisor: VFX Legion

Joseph Soloway: visual effects coordinator: VFX Legion

Mace Al-Hendi: visual effects coordinator: VFX Legion

Nick Guth: digital compositor: VFX Legion

Adam Kelway: digital compositor: VFX Legion

Kate T.C. Lin: digital compositor: VFX Legion

Matthias Lowry: digital compositor: VFX Legion

John R. McConnell: digital compositor: VFX Legion

Sebastian Weber: senior animator: VFX Legion

Dave Tipper: matte painter: VFX Legion

Ruy Delgado: tracking artist: VFX Legion

Michael G. Jackson: tracking artist: VFX Legion

Eric Ebling: cg artist: VFX Legion

Jonathan D. Feldman: cg artist: VFX Legion

Patricio Harris: cg artist: VFX Legion

Lauren Morimoto: digital compositor: VFX Legion

Brad Moylan: digital compositor: VFX Legion

Eugen Olsen: digital compositor: VFX Legion

Rafael Perez: digital compositor: VFX Legion

Daniel Keith Raffel: digital compositor: VFX Legion

Bryan Shepperd: cg artist: VFX Legion

Shantel Short: cg artist: VFX Legion

Erik Van Horn: visual effects artist: VFX Legion


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