“ARI-Search for Immortality” Free Mobile Game from VedAtma Animation Studios

An Orb which maintained peace and balance between the two realms (Floating Realms and Dragon Lairs) was in the protection of the commanding general of Floating realms Ivor. When the ORB went missing the Realms fell into chaos and Ivor went missing leaving his son ARI behind. People thought that Ivor betrayed them. But Ivor’s friend knew that he would not do such a thing. Knowing that people will hurt or banish ARI he took custody of the kid and raised him in Secrecy.

When the battle between the realms grew furious year by year, The Dragons started invading their land. The humans lost control of the war. They lost men and woman in growing numbers as they
couldn’t withstand the Venomous breath of the dragons.

When ARI fought those dragons he found out that he was immune to the dragon’s venom. He decided to set out on an adventure to find and retrieve the ORB and restore balance and in the process to clear his dads name for betrayal.

Game by Vedatma Team:
Mahesh Kumar (Developer)
Yashwanth N (Design)
Jeevan Rao (Design)

- Experience the metroidvania style of game in mobile

VedAtma Animation Studios has published its first mobile game “ARI-Search for Immortality” on Google Playstore. It is a free download. Please download, share & play!!


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