"Venus Flytrap" - Short film

Watch this funny 3D animated short called "Venus Flytrap" about Max and Sam - two of the clumsiest astronauts of all time, and they have been hired to search for life on other planets. What they find is much more than life! For more information, please see the details and links below:

This movie was completed during the third year of study at L'IDEM BARCELONA.

Directed by: Carles Prenafeta
Original Idea: Daniel Borrego
Concept Art Supervisors: Joan Piqué, Guillaume Poux
Concept/Character Design: Karen Negredo
Storyboard Supervisor: Pedro Muñóz
Storyboard: Karen Negredo
Modelling/Rigging Supervisor: Esteve Garriga
Modelling: Albert Martín, Jordi Arqués, Paula Sagrera
Rigging: Jordi Arqués, Paula Sagrera
Animation Supervisor: Carles Prenafeta
Layout and Animation: Daniel Borrego, Ilva Rossignani, Jordan Jaraba
Texturing: Karen Negredo, Jordi Arqués, Albert Martín, Paula Sagrera
Vfx: Jordi Arqués
Illumination and Render: Albert Martín, Jordi Arqués, Paula Sagrera
Editing and Compositing: Albert Martín, Jordi Arqués
Credits: Ana Arnús, Albert Martín

Music Composed and Orchestrated by: Fran Villalba
Performed by: Bratislava Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by: Hernando Rico
Recorded at Studio 1 Slovak Radio, June 2017.
Original Song: "We got it" by Fran Villalba
Vocals: Judit Robles
Sound Design: Fran Villalba

Produced by: L'idem Barcelona
In collaboraion with: ESMUC and RECA

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