Animated Short Film: "Maca & Roni - Super Fridge" by Kyungmin Woo

In the laboratory of Dr. Albert, a genius inventor,
there are tons of crazy inventions awaiting to be used.
And his two clumsy assistants, MACA and RONI,
sneak into Albert's machines to fulfill their curiosity.

Maca & Roni - Super Fridge Short Film by Kyungmin Woo

Credit :
Production: Brickstudio (South Korea)
Witten and Directed by : Kyungmin Woo
Storyboad: Minhyeong Jeong, Dongjin Kim
Previsualization & Animator : Solah kim, Minhyeong Jeong
Character design: Kyungmin Woo
Concept Art: myung-ju Kim
Modeling, Texturing: myung-ju Kim
Lighting, Rendering: Euna Jeoung, Myung-ju Kim

CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Maca & Roni Super Fridge Animated Short Film by Kyungmin Woo at Brickstudio. Featured on CGMeetup

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