Award Winning - Animated Short Film: "Ember"

**Award Winning** CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Ember Animated Short Film by The Animation School. Featured on CGMeetup

In the Fynbos. Mbali, a Nature Sprite looks at all the plants with concern. She tries to revive a wilted flower. Defeated, Mbali sees fiery embers float past. She follows and finds a Fire Sprite scorching plants.
Shocked she confronts him. He looks at her stoically and continues. Mbali in a final effort traps Ember in a tangle of vines. Ember glows, increasing in intensity, igniting a fire cloud. Burning
The smoke clears revealing Mbali, kneeling on burnt landscape. Ember approaches her, now ashen, spent. He points to a plant is growing in the ash. The Fynbos starts growing around Mbali as Ember looks on. Content he crumbles to ash.

Ember Credits:
The Animation School
Director: Celeste Jamneck, Caitlin Hoseck
Production Manager: Celeste Jamneck
Art Director: Caitlin Hoseck
Technical Director: James Ray Cock
Editing: Caitlin Hoseck
Modelling (Character/Environment): Celeste Jamneck, Caitlin Volker, Sifiso Gumede, Craig Margolius, Tanya Kruger
Texturing: Tanya Kruger, James Ray Cock
Shader Dev: Tanya Kruger, James Ray Cock
Rigging: Rudolf Jansen van Vuuren, Pieter Uitenweerde, Craig Margolius
Animation: Caitlin Hoseck, Pieter Uitenweerde, Celeste Jamneck
Lighting: Sifiso Gumede
Visual Effects: James Ray Cock, Rudolf Jansen Van Vuuren, Pieter Uitenweerde, Sifiso Gumede, Craig Margolius
Sound: The Cape Audio College
Music: Alexandros Brits, Emilie Krogh Johannessen

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