T-34 - VFX Breakdown by Trehmer Film

T-34 - VFX Breakdown by Trehmer Film

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T-34 - VFX Breakdown by Trehmer Film

Check out this amazing & insightful VFX Breakdown "T-34" by the talented team at Trehmer Film. For more information, please see the details and links below :


T34 VFX breakdown (full version)

Full version of VFX breakdown for large amount of CGI shots we did for "T-34" feature film which became the most grossing Russian film for the past year.

This is a story of war, or, to be more precise, the legendary tank T34.

Having been captured, the main protagonist plans an escape using the tank. He gets his crew together and challenges his enemies to a battle.

Trehmer Film sequence was called "The Pursuit" where German officer Klaus Jager was trying to catch T34 with its team hiding in the forests of Czech Republic.

Trehmer Film worked with two huge Full СG environment sequences with very large volumes.

Working on 60+ fullCG shots we started form developing the look based on the aerials filmed in Czech Republic and the neighbor shots on location in the cut. We started developing the look of the shots in parallel with previzes

Directed by

Aleksey Sidorov

Produced by

Ruben Dishdushyan and Len Blavatnik

VFX Supervisor

Aleksey Gusev (Algous)

Trehmer Film Crew

VFX Supervisor

Konstantin Listratov

Sergey Savenkov


Luci Lisitsyna

Konstantin Listratov

July Frolova


Sergey Konorev


Alex Alekhin

Roman Sazhenov

Slava Ponomarev


Vlad Fedosov

Animation & Previzes

Andrey Storozhuk

Alex Oplanchuk

Konstantin Listratov

Concept Art

Andrey Cherepanskiy


Pavel Ivanov

Ivan Kulistov


Alex Alekhin

Artemov Vitaliy

Arslan Abdusalyamov

Lev Kostin

Roman Sazhenov

Alex Yakovlev

Yury Radaev

Sergey Ivanenko

Chernobay Vasiliy


Vitaliy Artemov

Eugeniy Stefanov

Alex Alekhin

Alex Yakovlev

Alex Schepetilnikov


Yuriy Korshunov


Roman Moiseev

Ed Sharifulin

Dmitry Aleksandrov

Dmitry Polbitsyn

Maxim Aksenov


Kite Digitals Studio, India

Nitesh Kumar

Umashanker Yadav

Ankit Tripathi


Lokesh Kumar Gupta

Pankaj Kumar

Vishal Kumar Patwa

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T-34 VFX

T-34 VFX Breakdown

T-34 Visual Effects

Slow Motion Battle Scene from Tank Movie, T-34

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