God of War Ragnarök - Behind the Scenes by Goodbye Kansas Studios

God of War Ragnarök - Behind the Scenes by Goodbye Kansas Studios

God of War Ragnarök - Behind the Scenes by Goodbye Kansas Studios

Check out this Amazing Behind the Scenes "God of War Ragnarök Trailer" by the talented team at Goodbye Kansas Studios. For more information, please see the details and links below :


Goodbye Kansas Studios produce the cinematic game trailer ‘Father and son’ for Sony’s and PlayStation’s celebrated game ‘God of War Ragnarök’, a wonderful opportunity to be part of the great God of War universe – and to produce a trailer using our new USD production pipeline.

God of War Ragnarök is an action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

God of War Ragnarök Cinematic release trailer BTS, by Goodbye Kansas

Client: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Santa Monica Studio

Agency: AKQA DC

Goodbye Kansas Studios:

Director: Fredrik Löfberg

VFX Supervisor: Henrik Eklundh

CG Supervisor: Alexis Andersson

Art Director: Gustaf Holmsten

Animation Director: Jonas Ekman

Executive Producer: Anton Söderhäll

Producer: Rebeca Cervantes

Production Coordinator: Josefine Jakobsson, Axel Gärkman

Lead Character artist: Daniel Axelsson

Character Modeling: Quentin Chaillet, Willy Kratochwill, Axel Flovin, André Valck

Character Look Development: Quentin Chaillet, Willy Kratochwill, Axel Flovin, Claudio Tumiati, Brett Sinclair, André Valck

Lead Facial Modeling and Lookdev: Anneli Larsson

Facial Modeling and Lookdev: Hedda Peterson

Lead Environment Artist: Lukas Mcbride

Environment Modeling and Lookdev: André Valck

Assets Modeling and lookdev: Kristoffer Andersson, André Valck

Lead Rigging: Stephanie Holder

Lead Character FX: Ludvig Eliasson

Character FX Artists: Mayec Rancel, David Vincze

Lead Facial Rigging: John Augustsson

Facial Rigger: Nils Lerin

Lead Layout: Svetoslav Petkov

Animators: Felix Graf

Lead Facial Animaton: Mathew Curran

Lead Body Animation: Thomas Obrecht

Body Animators: Guilherme Martins, Benjamin Brenneur

FX Lead: Max Öberg

FX artists: Mayec Rancel, Fredrik MacLeod, Filip Orrby

DMP Artists: Kevin Decatoire

Concept Artists: Till-Valentin Holder, Gabriel Björk Stiernström

Lead Lighting Artist: Johan Vikström

Lighting and Rendering: Chris Debski

Lead Compositing: Peter Blomstrand

Compositing Artist: Denys Holovyanko

Grading: Martin Steinberg

Editor: Fredrik Löfberg

Conform: Mathias Löfquist

Pipeline HoD: Erik Johansson

Performance capture artists and support by SuperAlloy

Super Alloy Executive Producer: Zac Swartout

DP: Micah Moore

Rigger: Derron Ross, Tomas Vu, Brandon Belieu

Stunt Coordinator: Eric Jacobus

Performans Capture Artist: Eric Jacobus, Christopher Troy, Chris Cortez, Gui DaSilva

Motion Capture Crew Sony LA

System/Mobu Op: Jeff Price

System QC: Charles Searight

AD: Sean Sterling

Technical Director: Derek Crosby

Stage Notes/Filo: Khira Layton

HMC Lead: Paul Sun

VCam Op/Video Lead: John Paul Meyer

Video Assist/Cam Op: Elise Morris

PA: Jason Millner, Connor Fleming

Testing PA: Kristin Galla

Manager: Charles Ghislandi

Production Manager: Teresa Porter

Covid Compliance Officer: Samantha Gomez

Day Porter: Morena Encino, Maria Rojas

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God of War Ragnarök

God of War Ragnarök - Behind the Scenes

God of War Ragnarök Behind the Scenes

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