Doomsday - VFX Breakdown by Main Road Post

Doomsday - VFX Breakdown by Main Road Post

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Doomsday - VFX Breakdown by Main Road Post

Check out this amazing & insightful VFX Breakdown "Doomsday (Konets sveta)" by the talented team at Main Road Post. For more information, please see the details and links below :

A brutal bloody murder is taking place in the center of Moscow, which cannot be explained in rational ways, the only true version is that Satan himself came to Earth. He came to arrange the Apocalypse. Satan goes to find his son - Antichrist, without whom the Apocalypse cannot begin. But the modern Antichrist - Demyan turns out to be a downtrodden loser who works in a small shop and hates his father for abandoning their family. Satan is trying to establish a relationship with his son). Demyan refuses to participate, he does not need cars, women and world supremacy, he does not look like his father. Demyan is a good person, he dreams of quiet family happiness with his girlfriend Galya. But everything collapses at the moment when Galya dies in a car accident. Demyan appeals to the almighty Father with a request to bring the bride back to life. Satan poses a difficult dilemma for his son: Galya will return if Demyan kills all of mankind. Doomsday is a mystical and satirical story about a real choice: personal happiness or public well-being. The choice that we all make in life to one degree or another.

DIRECTOR - Alexander Nezlobin

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Mikhail Dementiev, Mikhail Solovyov, Morad Abdel-Fattah

PRODUCERS - Dmitry Nelidov, Alexandra Remizova, Olga Filipuk, Mikhail Kitaev

VFX SUPERVISORS - Alexey Udaltsov, Mikhail Korovyansky

VFX PRODUCER - Bema Nuradinova

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Doomsday VFX

Конец света VFX

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