Invasion - VFX Stories by Main Road Post • Episode 1

Invasion - VFX Stories by Main Road Post • Episode 1

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Invasion - VFX Stories by Main Road Post • Episode 1

Check out this amazing VFX Stories Episode 1 "Invasion (Vtorzhenie) " by the talented team at Main Road Post. For more information, please see the details and links below :

INVASION • VFX stories • by Main Road Post • Episode 1 : MONTAGE

This time Main Road Post to make some experiment with making of. It will be a few episodes of short VFX stories about our work on INVASION movie, the sequel of Attraction.

Episode 1 : MONTAGE

Contains an assemble of our work. All the shots are full cg except the one with close-up of the girl and another with three people on the lake. Watch it till the end! There is a bonus.

Next episodes of these stories will be focused on how we made that shots. Enjoy!


Fedor Bondarchuk


Vladislav Opelyants


Fedor Bondarchuk

Dmitry Rudovskiy

Alexander Andryuschenko

Michael Vrubel

Anton Zlatopolskiy



Attraction 2

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Invasion VFX

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